I always had a deep interest in therapeutic aspects, so I have always worked in medical environments, such as health emergency repatriations, clinical research laboratories or specialized medical translation.
This is what gives me today a holistic understanding of the therapeutic world, just like being a translator/interpreter has made it easier for me to interpret the messages I receive in mediumship.



I am able to:

  • Identify & deprogram emotional problems

  • Identify & Reprogram psychological unbalanced patterns

  • Identify & rectify psychological disorders

  • Identify the root of physical pain and see what the solution is



  • Management of emotions
    (control of anger, anguish, fear, etc.)

  • Evacuation of emotions and traumas
    (emotional and trauma evacuation technique so that they do not remain in the body and generate pathologies)

  • Stabilization of the emotional frequency
    (stay calm, develop the power of attraction, have self-confidence, have harmonious relationships and communications, etc.)

    ***Worldwide Online/Whatsapp Sessions or Face-to-Face sessions in Ibiza, Spain***