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Soul Departure Ceremony

in Ibiza, Spain - if in a different location: travelling fees to add


1st Step


When someones leaves, there are several steps to go through for everyone to be at Peace.

First, the ones who stay should go through an individual process of mourning, which can be remembering moments, looking at pictures, writting letters etc. and start to accept and let go whom the deceased person was, what they represented in their life, thank them for the experience shared and express all the emotions this departure provoques in them
(typically crying)

2nd Step

Channeling session

If asked to do so, I use my mediumship capacities to put in contact the deceased person with their relatives to understand certain things, or deliver messages and say goodbye


3rd Step

Energy ties cutting & energy cleaning of a place

It is very important, not only to say Goodbye, but also to cut the Energy ties people have with the deceased person and to clean the energies of the place(s) where the deceased person has been the most.

This way, everyone is more serene and can continue to live their experiences.

Departure Ceremony


The last step of the process is the Departure Ceremony from the Sunset till Dawn.

During this step I clean the chosen place from all types of energies and prepare it for the relatives to help the deceased person to leave this plan at peace.

I stay in Telepatic contact with the deceased person and I stay awake until they are far enough from our plan to make sure they really left.

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