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Mediumship is the hability to connect to your Right hemisphere when your Pineal gland is activated to receive messages from the Outside (spirits, guides, deceased persons etc).
My mediumship gifts began to (re)reveal in 2017 to gradually grow and become spontaneous and more accurate.
I then realized that I had started to develop this gift, as a child, but that it had been skipped.


How I use it

I can see the Past, the Present, the Future, but also the origins of a disease and other unbalanced patterns.

I can also channel people who passed away, spirits and other entities.

I have shamanic capacities which allow me to communicate with the Elements of the Earth.

I receive either visions or messages.

I can also allow an entity (like someone who passed away) to speak through me directly. I can also help people who passed away to leave this plan and be at peace.

I can "read" a soul (Past, Present  and main features) by looking at someone's eyes (through a picture or directly)




You can contact me for:


  • Pure Mediumship
    (Past, Present, Future reading including Past incarnations)


  • Channeling Mediumship
    (communication with people who passed away, with spirits or other entities)


  • Conselling Mediumship
    (global guidance in your life)


  • Therapeutic Mediumship
    (find the root of a disease or an unbalance and how to resolve it)

    ***Worldwide Online/Whatsapp Sessions or Face-to-Face sessions in Ibiza, Spain***

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