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Energy specialist

I work with Energies from the Cosmos. This is what is called in Quantum Physics: the Ether (a magnetic field which links everything and everyone in the Universe). This is also the "free energy" by Tesla. 
I use this energy to clean places and/or people. For people I channel the energy on a Qwartz stone and proceed with a Chakra reading & Energetic assessment, to rebalance and boost them if needed.
Chakras are sort of "gates" in your body (just like your nose, mouth...) which receive energy from the outside and help regulate your vital energy flow and fonctions (the Qi). When they are unbalanced you can experience many different problems (eg. expression, self confidence, stability, relationship problems etc.).
For places, I use the Qwartz to clean the energies and/or help people who passed away to leave during an overnight Sould Departure Ceremony (see dedicated section).


Energetic assessment

With a Qwartz stone I am able to provide an Energetic assement (a sort of "energetic pressure" of the body) and rate it. It allows me to tell if the person is rather tired, with a normal vital flow of energy or in energetic saturation.
I can also "call" Cosmic Energy (Ether)  into the Qwartz and send it to the person's body to reboost them.


Chakras reading, reset & reboost

I can send Energy to the Chakras to reset, rebalance and/or reboost them and explain the root of the unbalance.

You can contact me for:

  • Global energetic reboost
    (if you are too tired, stressed, worried, etc.)


  • Chakra opening, reset & reboost
    (if you have a relationship, self-confidence, problems, excessive worries, etc.)


  • Chakra blocking
    (eg pain, loss of appetite, loss of sensations, loss of motivation, difficulties in having a stable life, excessive fears, problems expressing oneself and being heard, etc.)

    ***Mandatory face-to-face session in Ibiza, Spain***

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