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Welcome to my Website!

I am based in Ibiza, Spain and I live and work by Es Vedra, a Magnetic Pole and Interdimensional Portal, similar to the Bermuda Triangle, providing intense Cosmic Energy.

Since 2017 I have started to (re)developp Pshychic habilities I always had but never used before, proceeding from a family with gifts of healer, medium and ferryman of souls.

These natural gifts allow me to provide different types of services, as a Medium, Energy Specialist and Therapist.

As a Medium, I offer Past, Present, Future readings, including Past incarnations. I can also channel people who passed away. I provide Conselling Mediumship for guidance in your life and Therapeutic Mediumship to help you find the root of a disease or unbalances.

As a Specialist in Energies, I rebalance, reset and unblock Chakras for harmony of the body and the mind and to avoid developping pathologies.

As a Therapist, I use my mediumship and various techniques I have developped to evacuate emotions, traumas, manage and stabilize your emotions.

Member of 1001therapeutes (plateform of therapists in France)




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Medium, Energy Specialist and Therapist providing Online or Presential sessions

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